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Top 25 Android Emulators For Windows PC And Mac in 2020

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Despite the fact that you are not a digital nerd or a developer, you may require these emulators in your everyday life. Gamers might need to play an Android game on their PC to gain more control using big screen, mouse, and keyboards. A developer may need these Emulators for developing more advanced games in less efforts and time. An Android user may want to access an iOS file or vice versa.

The simplicity and responsiveness of using the versatile Apps on the emulator rely upon your computer efficiency and features. A decent PC with present-day equipment could run very good quality Android games on PC.

In iPhone, you will undoubtedly stay with stock UI and no entrance to outsider App other than which are available on Apple App Store. Some are overpriced and some are less efficient but as an Apple user, you are bound to use that unwillingly. The open-source nature of Android OS made it the most well-known portable programming, this has paved a way for the development of numerous Android-based emulators for PC.

What is an Emulator?

Many of us don’t know that the “Emulator” was termed in 1963 at IBM, during the advancement of the IBM System-360.

An emulator is a programming that empowers one PC framework to act like another PC framework. The Emulator tends to addresses the original software environment of the program and reproduces it on a present machine.

For example: When you want to play a game on your Android phone. You have to download it from Play Store and install it in the device on which you want to access this game. It is an APK file that you download from PlayStore and which runs on the Android ecosystem. 

In general cases, these files can’t be accessed on WINDOWS or MAC computers, because these are different operating systems. Now here comes the role of Emulator. Through Emulators like Bluestacks; you can access these APK files on different operating systems Windows and Mac as well.

The best part of these emulators are that they provide exactly similar look and feel of the original program. You would hardly find anything to differentiate. 

Pros and Cons of an Emulator?


  1. Cost-Efficient
  2. Better graphics quality
  3. Additional features
  4. Reduces labor hours
  5. Emulators keep up the first look, feel, and behavior of the program, giving similar experience to the user as the original program.
  6. Reaches to more individuals once it is accessible as open-sourced after getting GNU (General Public License)


  1. Usually, Emulators require better hardware than the original system.
  2. Copyright laws are not yet in effect to address reservations of the specific features and environments.
  3. Intellectual property rights – Many innovation sellers’ actualized non-standard features during program improvement so as to get a few advantages.

In this article, I’m trying to cover almost every good Emulator in the market which you have heard of. These Emulators are good for some reasons and have some limitations also. I’ll cover all these specs in this article.

Top 25 Best Emulators in the Market for Windows and Mac

1 PrimeOS
2 Android Studio
3 Bluestacks
4 Remix OS Player
5 ARChon
6 Nox
7 Build your own
8 Phoenix OS
9 GameLoop
10 LDPlayer
11 Bliss OS
12 MEmu
13 Xamarin
14 Genymotion
15 YouWave
25Genymotion Cloud
26PSX emulator

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