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Blue Candle Meaning & Guide in the real world

What is Candle Magic?

Blue Candle Magic is mainly based on three types of magic. These are:
1. Dark Magic
2. White Magic
3. Black Magic

Dark magic can also be known as Necromancy or Witchcraft, this is the type of magic that deals with the spirits of the dead or other forms of energy that hovers just above our world, they are not quite fully part of our world but they can interact with us and they do not like us at all, they are often attracted to negative energy or thoughts and if we throw out either their thoughts or positive energy haunts them until they get fed again.

Black Candle magic can also be known as Enchantments, this is the type of magic that we use to help us get positive energy and move things along in life. This magic is stronger than white or dark magic because it takes a very special form of energy and training to be able to accomplish the tasks that we set up for ourselves.

White Candle Magic is what you do when you do not want to work with any spirits at all, so you use symbols, good words, and good thoughts to help accomplish your tasks.

I believe that Black Magic is the strongest form of all three ways of doing spells because even though white and dark rituals require certain types of training they are still much easier spells that much easier than black magic.

Blue Candle Meaning

Blue Candle has always been a color used in rituals and spells. The blue color on an individual’s clothing can also be used as a symbol of purity, innocence, and peace. There is a lot of different meanings behind this color including:

  1. Feeling tired or relaxed
  2. Emotional state or mood
  3. A sense of security or calmness
  4. Moderate happiness
  5. Stability
  6. Prayer
  7. The color of the sea
  8. The color of turquoise, turquoise can be used to help break free

Other alternatives include white, green, violet, gray, and black. Other colors are also used for specific purposes. For example, blue bluebells are worn to attract money or “blue” corn is used in spells that bring luck.

What is the use of Blue Candle?

Blue Candle can be used to:
Visualize intentions and goals
– A good piece of advice – Let things happen
Change life situations, focus on what you want or need
– A romance candle or a candle for a specific person
– Good for those who have the “I’ll go and do it” – attitude
– A good candle to use with the Law of Attraction – affirmations
– Excellent candle if you want to work on your self-esteem and self-confidence (light this candle and then look into the flame and tell yourself all of the things that you like about yourself, write it down and then light the candle every time before an event)

Blue has many different meanings and this is not uncommon in ancient cultures. The three colors of blue are used for different reasons in ancient cultures. Blue is the color used to represent water in ancient Egyptian mysticism, while it represents sky or heaven in ancient Greek religion. Blue was used to represent the sea in ancient Norse mythology. The color blue was associated with fertility, Mother Earth, and female energy.

Like with anything else in life there are guidelines that must be followed when working with candles. There are different types of candles. A tallow candle burns with tallow, a beeswax candle burns with beeswax, soy candles burn with soy, and palm wax (made from the kernel of the oil palm), or coconut wax (made from the meat or kernels of coconut) burn with vegetable waxes.

Advantages of Blue Candle

  1. The candle has symbolic value.
  2. The blue candle attracts positive energy.
  3. The blue candle can be used to remove obstacles.
  4. The candle is widely recognized as a symbol of purity and truth, which are essential to all magic spells and rituals, or it can be used to symbolize or represent the Goddess of Water, also known as Yemaya, the fates or the goddesses of destiny, it is believed that these goddesses are present in all aspects of life, good times and bad times alike.

Disadvantages of Blue Candle

  1. The candle has no other purpose than to burn.
  2. The candle should never be used for other purposes, like charging talismans or spells, or other purposes that would be harmful to someone else.
  3. When burnt the candle gives off negative energy, which can cause it to come undone (unite-break).
  4. It should not be used around water, pools, or any place where water could be spilled on it.
  5. It should only be burned in its own scented holder, to avoid the candle attracting negative energy to the holder.

Blue Candle meaning comes from the ritual of charging (setting up or consecrating) your spell or magic practices by burning a blue candle. The feeling that you get when you use blue is one of safety, calmness, and wisdom. Many people use this color to attract money, love, and good health because it is the color of the sky and sea.

How To Make A Blue Candle Spell?

The blue candle can be used to help get love back in your life, to get lucky in the game of poker, to attract money, or “blue” (money), it can draw positive energy out of any situation. Working with magic is done by placing these items on an altar. This can be done in a ritual during daylight hours or at night when alone watching the flame.

Making your spell is done by simply charging up your spell with this candle and letting it burn for several hours. During this burning time, you burn incense and light candles in the same area. If you want these items to remain active you must add all of these items together when they are completely burned down.

How to use Blue Candle during the ritual?

  1. Place your candles so they burn down slowly and don’t move around. If the candle is moving around it will cause negative energy to be released.
  2. Light your candles at night or on a full moon, it draws positive energy out of the universe and into your spell and ritual.
  3. Make sure that there is no wind blowing where you are performing the ritual, it will cause problems with lighting and blowing out candles causing negative energy to be released into your magic spell or working.
  4. Add some essential oils to the flame of the candle, this will attract more good energy into your ritual.
  5. Burn some incense during your ritual to remove any bad energy that may have been present during the day while performing other tasks.

Blue Candle meaning has many different meanings associated with it depending on where you look for information. Depending on the location you are taking your information from, this can influence what meaning is given to the blue candle. Blue is used in many different locations depending on where you are looking for information on its meaning or use in rituals or spells.

Blue Candle Meaning In Prayer

This is a form of communication with the “one” that is being worshiped. Prayer is now being done on a regular basis by people from all over the world. It allows an individual to write a message to this person and light a candle during prayer time so they can see it burning as they are praying.

This will send them an energy force that they will be able to feel or hear, they may respond by sending you positive energy or know if something is going on in your life that needs their attention.

Blue Candle meaning in prayer depicts “Strength” which is represented by Blue color. Each color has a different meaning. The Blue Candle represents the sky and sea, the earthly source of all life, therefore it is associated with fertility and harmony. Blue was also used to decorate the robes of High Priests.

Blue Candle meaning in myths

The blue candle is used for “Moon” spells because it can represent intuition or psychic knowledge, prophesy, divination, good luck, good health, and travel. It can be used to remove obstacles or negative energy left behind by other spells or rituals that may have taken place at this location before you decided to perform your ritual.

Blue Candle meaning in dreams

Your dreams may offer you information on where you should go and what you should do next. The candle has symbolic value and can be used to charge talismans and spells, also known as spells. These items can be used for many purposes such as charging an object, places of worship, items that need protection or healing.

The white candle represents the “path of knowledge” or intellectual thought. The red candle is associated with fire and blood. The black candle represents earth and wood, so it is appropriate to use oils for protection.


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