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Top 51 Beautiful Japanese Women and Models

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I worked in a Japanese MNC where I got the opportunity to have some captivating conversations about Japanese culture and why certain parts of people’s lives are how they are. A subject that has been talked about and repeated, over and over, is Japanese excellence and beautiful Japanese women.

Over the globe, Japanese women have the notoriety of being delightful, understanding, cherishing, and kind-hearted. These characteristics are the reasons why Japanese young ladies are popular. Additionally, the duality of magnificence and freedom makes them so one of a kind that everybody gets captivated.

While smooth, clear skin is viewed as a genuinely general standard of excellence, in Japan it appears the lighter the skin tone the more delightful it is. Beautiful Japanese women are well known for their incredible bodies. Additionally, they never appear to age which makes them look superior to ladies of different societies at the last phase of life. This is a demonstration of a solid eating regimen and unrivaled physiological creation.

In Japan, a more grounded, higher, somewhat greater nose connect makes you one of a kind, it makes you fascinating. During my visit to Japan, the thin face remark is one that I’ve heard on many occasions. To such an extent, that I would state its positions as one of the main three excellence remarks that I’ve heard for delightful Japanese women.

Long, thick, superbly twisted eyelashes are practically the craving of each Japanese lady. Bogus eyelashes, which give moment volume and length, have become progressively well-known over a couple of years. Young ladies don’t think bogus lashes are excessive. They are everyday needs. The facial impression will appear to be unique by using these artificial products that are the reasons Beautiful Japanese women are used to it.

Considering all these in mind here are the top 51 Japanese Beautiful Women who have got more votes through our jury.

List of Top 51 Japanese Beautiful Women

Disclaimer: All the images used in these posts are taken from Google or from some other sites. We have no legal rights to these images. These are used in this post just for information.

51. Mayuko Iwasa (岩佐 真悠子): An actress and model.
Birth: Place – Nerima, Tokyo, Japan
Measurements: Height is 1.55 m (5 ft 1 in)
Achievements: Miss Magazine 2003, Graph Prize Winner, 42nd Golden Arrow Awards (2004), etc.

Mayuko Iwasa

49. Aragaki Yui (新垣 結衣): Yui Aragaki is a Japanese Model + Singer + Actress. Who occasionally hosts radio shows as well.
Birth: 11/06/1988 @ Naha, Okinawa, Japan.
Measurements: Height is 1.69 m (5 ft 6 1⁄2 in)
Website: http://yui-aragaki.lespros.co.jp/profile
Achievements: 60th Blue Ribbon Awards for Best Actress (2018), 25th Hashida Awards for Best Actress (2017), etc.

Aragaki Yui

48. Yuriko Yoshitaka (吉高 由里子): Yuriko Yoshitaka is a Japanese actress. She started acting at the age of 16 when she was in high school.
Birth: 22//07/1988, Tokyo, Japan
Measurements: 1.58 m (5 ft 2 in)
Website: www.amuse.co.jp/artist/yoshitaka_yuriko/
Achievements: 41st Japan Academy Prize for Best Actress, Japan Movie Critics Awards for Best New Actress for Snakes and Earrings.

Yuriko Yoshitaka

47. Aya Ueto (上戸 彩): Japanese Actress + Singer + TV Actress
Birth: 14/09/1985, Nerima, Tokyo, Japan
Website: http://www.oscarpro.co.jp/talent/ueto/index.html
Hochi Film Award for Best Actress (2017), The Television Drama Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Nagareboshi (2011), etc.

Aya Ueto

46. Kitagawa Keiko (北川 景子): Former model + Japanese actress.
Birth: 22/08/1986, Kobe, Japan
Measurements: 1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)
Website: https://official.stardust.co.jp/keiko/   
She has a lead role in many television drama series like – Your Home is My Business! 2nd Attack, Segodon, Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi, etc.

Kitagawa Keiko

45. Maki Horikita (堀北 真希): Former Japanese Actress 
Birth: 06/10/1988, Kiyose, Tokyo, Japan
Achievements: 2nd Best Beautist Awards for Herself (2013), 74th Television Drama Academy Awards for Best Actress (2012)

Maki Horikita

44. Kyoko Fukada (深田 恭子): Japanese Actress + Singer 

Kyoko Fukada

43. Erika Toda (戸田 恵梨香): Japanese Actress + TV Drama Activist

Erika Toda

42. Nozomi Sasaki: Japanese Glamour Model + Former Fashion Model

Nozomi Sasaki

41. Yukie Nakama: Japanese Actress + Singer + Former Idol

Yukie Nakama

40. Suzu Hirose: Japanese Actress + Model

Suzu Hirose

39. Satomi Ishihara: Japanese Actress

38. Mariya Nishiuchi: Japanese Actress + Model + Singer + Song Writer

Mariya Nishiuchi

37. Haruna Kawaguchi

Haruna Kawaguchi

36. Mizuki Yamamoto

Mizuki Yamamoto

35. Kanna Hashimoto

Kanna Hashimoto

34. Tina Tamashiro

Tina Tamashiro

33. Mikako Tabe

Mikako Tabe

32. Meisa Kuroki

Meisa Kurokia

31. Kasumi Arimura

Kasumi Arimura.

30. Alice Hirose
29. Ayami Nakajo
28. Ayame Gouriki
27. Yūko Takeuchi
26. Koyuki
25. Mao Inoue
24. Fumi Nikaido
23. Rinko Kikuchi
22. Nana Komatsu
21. Haruka Ayase
20. Mei Nagano
19. Yu Aoi
18. Masami Nagasawa
17. Ayame Goriki
16.Tsubasa Honda
15. Juri Ueno
14. Yûna Taira
13. Yūki Amami
12. Emi Takei
11. Honoka Yahagi
10. Kō Shibasaki
09. Ayami Nakajô
08. Hikari Mitsushima
07. Erika Sawajiri
06. Ai Hashimoto
05. Mirei Kiritani
04. Shiori Kutsuna
03. Aoi Miyazaki
02. Mitsuki Takahata
01. Tao Tsuchiya

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